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Your ceremony begins. You're nervous, but excited. You're confident that your wedding party knows when to go and where to stand, because your Officiant prepared them the night before. 

Your groom is standing at the alter, waiting for you. You join him, ready to begin your life together. 

Your officiant begins. He adds in sweet anecdotes about the two of you and your union, that bring a tear to your aunt's eye. He adds some light humor that has your guests laughing. He's friendly and energetic, which makes your guests feel comfortable and at ease.  Finally, he asks you to exchange rings and vows, and announces you husband and wife. You head back down the aisle, hand in hand, while the crowd cheers. He dismisses your guests in an organizes and efficient manor, and everyone knows where to go and what to expect because he's articulated it in an easy way. 


Sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be. With our Officiant, this is what you can expect!

Package Includes: 

- Ordained Officiant

- 1 Virtual planning service 

- Choice of religious / non-religious

- Choice of written / traditional vows  

- Ceremony personalization, if you choose


20% Off with Rental Items

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